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PostHeaderIcon Understanding the importance of the renewable source of energy like the solar

The sun is an unlimited and abundant source of energy. Since 5 billion years it transforms the hydrogen atoms into Helium atoms, releasing an astronomical amount of energy. This energy is abundant and available for a very long time. In 1839, Antoine Becquerel discovered that semiconductor materials directly transform solar energy into electricity. This is called the photovoltaic effect. Nowadays, the modern green solar power usage has gained a lot of popularity. Fossil fuels are becoming scarce and the “green shift” of solar energy is revolutionizing our production and energy consumption patterns. The growing interest in this form of free and ecological energy has made it possible to set up various systems to exploit it.

The main technologies for exploiting solar energy

Passive solar energy has been exploited since the beginning of time. It consists of choosing the orientation, architecture and materials of its habitat. By making the most of these parameters, the house absorbs heat optimally. While passive solar energy has been somewhat neglected in recent decades, it is making a strong comeback with the new building standards. It would be a shame to do without a free heat source.

Solar thermal energy 

You can use solar energy to heat your water (solar water heater) or even to cook, thanks to a solar oven. Some solar panels use only solar heat, which is called solar thermal. Concretely, a coolant is heated by solar energy and this heat is fed to a hot water tank for example. The solar barbecue is meanwhile rather intended to impress your friends.

Photovoltaic solar energy is the future

Photovoltaic solar energy consists of transforming solar radiation into electricity. Here it is not the heat that is put to contribution but the energy itself of the solar radiation, that is to say the photons. It may seem a little complex at first, but it’s actually relatively simple photovoltaic panels are made up of cells. These cells are a superposition of two layers of silicon. One of the layers is negatively charged, the other positively. When a photon crosses the two layers it creates a voltage. All you have to do is connect a wire to the positive terminal and one to the negative terminal and you can use this electricity. Basically the operation is identical to that of a battery.

Photovoltaic = solar energy

When we talk about solar energy, it’s mostly about photovoltaic that we’re referring to. Indeed, when we produce electricity, we can do everything with it. This electricity can meet all the energy needs of the home. The solar water heater is convenient, but the electricity generated by a photovoltaic system can just as well feed an electric water heater. A well oriented and well insulated house is a plus, but here again photovoltaic can compensate for a lack of performance of passive solar energy. Who can do the least.