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PostHeaderIcon How to Install Decorative Shutters on Vinyl Siding

Installing decorative shutters can instantly give your house a more traditional appearance. If you have vinyl siding, shutters are easy to install, but some care should be taken not to damage the siding underneath.

Although you can complete this project without help, having an extra person to hold and stabilize the shutters while drilling and to check and make sure that each shutter is level, can be very helpful. If you are installing shutters on the vinyl siding on multiple stories, you may also want a helper that will be willing to steady the ladder when you climb.

Step 1: Measure the windows and choose the appropriate shutter size.

Remember, shutters used to enclose the window glass to protect it from storms, so two shutters should completely cover a single window. Shutters that are too narrow may give your house an awkward appearance.

Step 2: Hold one shutter in place against the vinyl siding near the window.

With a pencil, mark where each screw should go on the vertical end pieces of the shutters. Plan on placing a screw about 6 inches from the top of the shutter and 6 inches from the bottom of the shutter. Shutters longer than 36 inches should have additional screws.

TIP: Space the screws so they hit just underneath the lap in the vinyl siding. This allows for more material to support the shutters and decreases the chance that you will accidentally crush the vinyl siding if you drill too vigorously.

Step 3: Place the shutter on a sawhorse and drill pilot holes through the shutters.

Step 4: Place the shutter back into place.

Check to make sure it is perfectly level with a carpenters level. Drill through the pilot holes to make a mark on the vinyl siding. Remove the shutter.

Step 5: Drill at the marks on the vinyl siding, extending the hole until you reach and drill through the exterior sheathing.

Step 6: Place the shutter back into place, lining up the two sets of pilot holes. Use screws to secure the shutter into place.

Step 7: Repeat until all of the shutters have been installed on the exterior vinyl siding. Paint the screw heads if screw caps were not provided.