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Fine opportunities are there when it actually comes to Air Conditioning. You can actually come up within your options for the perfect air conditioning, but for that you will need to have a proper detail regarding the repair persons. If you need the machine to run for a long time, then it is a very important matter.

In service, ozone generators are the most commonly used for this purpose, which are placed in the vehicle and then the internal circulation is turned on at full power. Ozone penetrates all places and destroys unwanted microorganisms. Spray cleaning sprays are used in the same way, with which you can perform regular maintenance in exactly the same quality as a service workshop at home. In order to know more about Air conditioning repairs Geelong, you can always seek online help.An important change for the cleanliness and safety of air conditioning is also the regular replacement of the cabin filter, which most people change every two years  however, it is advisable to change once a year (again ideally before the season) and always with every disinfection of air conditioning! Without changing the cabin filter, the whole disinfection is virtually useless.

Air Conditioning Service and how It Works?

We recommend regular air conditioning service every two years, ideally before every summer season. It is also necessary to contact the service if you suspect that the car is cold or not cooling at all. In this case, it is not good to delay the visit because certain types of cars (such as Octavia 2 and 3 generation, Superb etc.) are in a state where there is no refrigerant in the circuit and the air conditioning compressor is very fast and the repair fixes the amount of ten thousand crowns.

Be aware while servicing as they will completely clean and disinfect the system

In the service, they will not only clean and disinfect the entire system (be aware of two different actions as described above), but they can also test whether everything is perfectly sealing. The leaky cooling medium runs out of leaks and if it is not enough in the system, the air conditioning does not work at 100%.During maintenance, the refrigerant is drained, recycled and returned to the correct amount. Usually about 100 grams of refrigerant is added. With the refrigerant, it also sucks on the part of the oil flowing through it and the whole airconditioning system is blotted out. This extraction oil must be replaced with the same amount of new oil when filling the system with coolant and add about 10 ml extra.As the refrigerant is sucked back and recharged, the vacuum system is still being vacuumed in the air conditioning for a certain amount of time (at least 20 minutes) to create a vacuum that forces all the humidity out of the system.

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